Why some Nigerians want SARS scrapped – Police

The Nigerian Police Force has reacted to calls byNigerians for the scrapping of its Special Anti-RobberySquad, SARS.There is ongoing social media campaign calling on policeto scrap its SARS unit.But the police said contrary to claims of wrongdoingsagainst SARS by some “criminals”, the anti-robbery unithad done a lot in sanitising the country.The police said those carrying out the campaign in thesocial media were armed robbers.It also asked well meaning Nigerians to disregard what itdescribed as so-called special media campaign againstSARS.Speaking with Vanguard, Force Public Relations Officer,Jimoh Moshood, a Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP,vowed that the criminals won’t have their way.He said, “Anybody calling for scrapping of SARS is anarmed robber, let him come forward so that we caninvestigate him.”Any complaints they give against any police personnel,everybody knows that we don’t hide it.“We have a Public Complaints Bureau which handlescomplaints. So if anybody is calling for scrapping ofSARS, we don’t need to be reminded that they arecriminals just using the social media.“If there are robbers that are operating and Special Anti-Robbery Squad engage them and somebody would nowput something in the social media and say they shouldscrap SARS, I think it’s unfortunate.”If there are specific allegations against any police officerwhether SARS or no SARS, there’s a control mechanismfor any of us that violates the rights of Nigerian citizens tobe dealt with appropriately.“You have seen instances where police officers have beentried, found guilty and charged to court.“Those mechanisms are there, so it would be mischievousfor anybody to call for scrapping of SARS. You wantarmed robbers to take over everywhere?””So, those who are calling on the scrapping of SARS arepeople to be suspected, I think they are robbersthemselves.“If there are complaints of atrocities against any policeofficers, they are being dealt with appropriately, we don’thide them.”You have been reading how police men that misbehave intheir lines of duties are being dealt with. So anybody thatis calling for scrapping of SARS has something to hide.“The police authorities cannot and will not scrap theSpecial Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS for these criminals tothrive because it’s not our problem.“The people that have been fighting armed robbery,fighting kidnapping and make a lot of successes?”Look at the number of people they have arrested alongAbuja-Kaduna highway, look at the case of Evans. Don’tyou know that Intelligence Response Team has elementsof Special Anti-Robbery Squad in them.”I’m just trying to let you know the viability, so weshouldn’t be dancing to the tone of the social media,that’s the comedians centre.“If a person would call for the scrapping of SARS, is theperson not an armed robber himself?“They are just carrying their campaign in the socialmedia.”

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