Libya slave trade: WhyNigerians must stop illegaltravels abroad – ProphetJoshua Iginla

Joshua Iginla, founder and the General Overseer of

Champions Royal Assembly, has advised Nigerian youths

against being too desperate to travel abroad in search of

a better life.

Iginla gave the advice while condemning the alleged

killings of migrants and human trafficking in Libya.

Addressing his congregation in Abuja, the televangelist

warned that there was no machine out there that

guaranteed instant prosperity once they land abroad.

The clergyman described the alleged slave trade as man’s

wickedness against another.

According to Iginla, “I have never seen this level of

heartlessness, wickedness from one human being to

another. I saw how young ladies were molested and I

begin to wonder if the people doing these are human


“That is why in this ministry, we are doing our best to

assist. It is really wicked to see how people price human

beings like food. I pray that the government of the day will

take cogent steps because there are a lot of poor brothers

out there in pains.

“Please, like I always say to Nigerian youths, don’t be too

desperate to relocate abroad that you now travel through

desert. Let me tell you, what you are going through here

is better than what people are going through out there.”

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