Check this RANDOM JOKES that crack your ribs (more)

1) A teacher’s letter to a parent:
“Dear Parent, Ayo, your son, doesn’t smell nice
in school. Kindly encourage him to take his bath.”

Parent replies:
“Dear Teacher, Ayo is not a rose flower. Don’t smell him, just teach him! Thank you.”

2)(JOKE) Check this out…√
Gloria:- Daddy’ u remember you told me dat’ when a man get ontop of me’ he is digracing my family?
Father:- Yeah’ gud girl’ u remember tinz. So continue!
Gloria:- Last nyt when I went 2 visit Tony! He tried getting ontop of me while on d bed’ but I refused.
Father:- That’s my girl. I knw u will never disappoint me’ so wat happened next? .
Gloria:- I got ontop of him instead’ & I disgraced his family.
Father:- OMG.(father collapses)!!!!

3)That awkward moment when you finished smoking weed and decided to iron all ur cloths, when you are through you realised u
have been ironing without turning on the switch.. ur villlage witches will just whisper in ur hear ‘you have not see anything.

4)-Onitsha babes are very funny, you will meet them in a taxi. You
pay taxi fare for them
and buy them Yoghurt then exchange
numbers, And you will watch them
save your name as TAXI YOGHURT.

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